Authentication, proof, endorsement,

corroboration, substantiation,

confirmation, support…


Why do I feel I need your validation

to prove my worth?


I feel fury at myself,

but my creative sensibilities crave it;

like junkies crave white powder

stuffed up their noses

or a warm, euphoric rush

in their veins.


I cringe

if you hate me.

I get angry

if you misquote me,

but please

don’t be


apathetic or arrogant.


Give me the same chance

you would give


who enter your kingdom.


I am not perfection,

but I am

a fresh breeze in your world

and I learn more

every day,

with every breath.


Read my lines so that

I may stretch that

lovely space

behind your eyes

and inside your head

that leads to your


for there I will build

my fire.