Three Little Sisters Thoughts on Ildra, Etta & Nova

Three little sisters, sitting in trees,

Dreaming and hoping what their lives will be.

Amanda in the kitchen, washing dishes, for a while,

looks upon her kingdom, hears the laughter, and she smiles.

Girls are full of mischief as they booker in the trees,

watching dragonflies and telling secret  dreams.

Brothers come in running; they are done with chores,

Secret  talk of smoking, boys just being boys.

All the kids together now head to the pond,

dreaming of a swim and hopes of having fun.

Soon the sun is setting, as they head for home,

thoughtful of that supper waiting on the stove.

Fireflies start their dancing weaving to and fro,

Lighting up the sky and twinkling as they go

Much too soon the moon is high up in the sky,

and stars are bright as diamonds in the warm, sweet night.

Soon all kids are nestled in their soft, white beds.

Thoughts and prayers now settled in their racing heads.

Slowly nighttime passes leaving sweetest dreams,

As tomorrows promise waits to be reborn again.

                                                                                                                            Joyce Burns, 2010

* Picture above is from public domain. Creator unknown. Would love to credit creator. Will also delete if necessary.