Things I Never Told You

Did you know
I like orange crème chocolates,
sleepy Saturday mornings,
dragonflies, sunshine and crystal blue skies?
I like full moons with a twinkling canvas of glowing stars,
and wishing on those that fall to Earth in a blaze of glory.

I like all flowers,
puppy dogs
and deep turquoise oceans,
I like being snuggled up to you by a fireplace,
intertwined like pretzels
on cold winter nights.

I like  breakfast,
good hair days, positive people,
driving fast and hard on quiet stretches
of lonesome roads, twilight, the sounds of evening,
frost patterns on old windows,
painting pictures with my fingers,
gathering thoughts and words on paper,
capturing images
in a familiar but worn camera,
making something good from nothing.

I like breath-taking adventures,
big thunderstorms with hard thunder and streaked lightning,
ships and tropical islands, sunrises and quiet breezes,
Barcardi 151 rum and great wines,
books and all the colours of the rainbow,
walking alone in the quietness of a forest
and sweet, sweet soulful music that sets my soul free to dance.

I like the South, old movies, detective stories
and hot buttered popcorn.
Holidays, anniversaries, days off, stolen time,
watching snow fall silently outside my window.
Love, smiles, hugs, lively thought provoking conversations,
and always family . . .  

I like friends who always have your back and can pick up
the same conversation six months later without missing a beat.

I love God and all his miracles,
and the quietness and peace he puts deep inside my heart.

These are tiny parts of the being I have become along my amazing journey. 

Always live every day to its full potential,
for life is the sweetest gift of all.