The Girl That Time Ate

As the rain came down in torrents,
waves of depression
fell upon her head,
and the more she struggled
the harder
the pain came at her.

The invisible girl,
lost in her aloneness,
seeking comfort
but finding no harbor or shelter,
felt the weight of the world
settle squarely
on her small,
gentle shoulders;
holding up the world,
like Atlas.
But she, wasn’t Atlas.

And though she fought gallantly
to the bitter end,
she snapped
like a twig under foot,
and washed away
in pieces
on the out-going tides.

And no one noticed,
except a
blue striped fish
who declared swimming by,
“what an abysmal shame”.

All that was left
was the smell
of her spring-like soul
wafting in the breeze
on that quiet beach.

And the world kept spinning,
and the sun kept shining,
and the moon rose
on a perfect,
cloudless night.
As a notch in time moved forward
one tiny


© Joyce (Tidwell) Burns, ChynaMoon Creations 1997-2012