September Treasures

September days,

Sunlight beaming through windows at that slightly different angle, signaling Autumn.

Outside, leaves are starting to say goodbye to Summer, one by one.

The quiet of this perfect morning is so peaceful and healing.


My mind drifts to tomorrow,

When everyone will be hurrying back to nowhere,

but in getting there must be faster at everything,  than any person next to him.


I stay still and quiet this morning to learn what is appointed me this day.


 I watch humming birds dart to and fro, for treats on my porch,

and dozens of butterflies have come to dine and visit.

As the last rose of summer opens triumphantly to capture my heart;

it radiates, on the lightest breeze, a smell so sweet the angels smile.


So many gifts laid on these parched souls if we open our hearts and minds.

Yet most choose not to see, scurrying away

searching frantically for what is missing.


I return again to my stillness and drink in deeply,

               savoring these treasures in my heart for the long, cold days to come.                 

                                                                                                                                                   Joyce Burns, 2010