Secret Valley

Just down the road behind the tall trees,

down in the valley adrift on the breeze;

thereís a place to behold that will light up your eyes,

itís the secret place of dragonflies.


Thereís every color and every hue,

sliding on currents like dragonflies do.

Stretching their wings to the top of the skies,

hundreds and thousands of dragonflies.


Youíll never forget this glorious site,

such beauty and color, a feast for the eyes.

I watch for a while, as this splendor unfolds,

a once in a lifetime, for my heart to behold.


Too soon they are gone, and Iím left with the dream.

Guess theyíve all run away to do dragonfly things.

But tucked in my heart for always, to stay,

is the beauty and grace that I've witnessed this day.

                                                                                                                                                                                      © Joyce Burns, 2010