Relaxiní Caribbean

Skimming over deep, turquoise-blue waves,

 sailing into the wind, to the southern islands.

Warm breezes caress my face

as my body breathes in and relaxes

with a sweet, tranquil sigh.

Nothing is so perfect as this moment;

nothing so peaceful in space and time.

On the beach, the slinky, yellow-fire sun

warms my wet, bronzed body

as my bare feet  purposely find

the soft white, silky sand,

caribbean   blend . . .

The cool, crystal-blue water teases my toes and invites me to dance.

In the distance, fishes play and

lulling sounds of tropical drum beats melt on the incoming tides.

All is good today, as cares float away

and I am one, with the islands.

I soon drift away into dreams with bright colors; quiet secrets for another day,

awaking just as a glowing, full moon begins her evening rise

on the bright, twinkling canvas.

 I immerse my mind in sounds of the island ladies reiterating laughter,

as they sway to their gentle instinctive beat.

There are smiles for miles and perfect peace,

in my unpretentious, sweet island paradise.

                                                                                                                        © Joyce Burns, 2010