Pretty Wallpaper 

Your laughter down the hall
aligns the routine
of my compact work day.
I smile as morning begins
with coffee and
your soft chattering  on the phone.

I have come to love these
quiet sounds
that unfold my morning
like a worn newspaper
 from a quiet,
 unruffled Sunday.

 Some people
quietly, and unassumingly
players in the heart.
They stick
like pretty wallpaper,
to the lining of your soul
and teach you
all about yourself,
how you sparkle, or what you are lacking.

They give you
smiles and heartaches
and occasionally
bend you toward the light.

I love you my friend
with all your complexities
because you,
are uniquely you
and simply knowing you,
makes me a better
human being.
How blessed am I?

Joyce (Tidwell) Burns, ChynaMoon Creations 1997-2012