Odd Thoughts at Midnight

New body parts for sale,

new faces, new jobs and  friends.

New life partners,

new cities and towns,

morphing unleashed.


and more changes,

which lead to running,

always running, to ease the pain;

whatever makes the journey

more bearable in this life;

waxing poetic as we move forward in time

and eventually learn all endings

are the same,

and its what happens

in between

that we count and savor.


call me cynical, jaded.

I call

that I am a realist

and an empath

which doubles the pain

at the most unexpected times.

But I am also an invisible.

You donít see me.
They donít see me,

as I wander through life seeking truth.

So I donít need all those things

that most people need

and crave.

I see into it

and through it.


come with me

and fill this day, this moment

with laughter and smiles

that reflect my light

in your eyes and soul if only for

one brief moment

as I gather the beauty and the smiles around us.


 my soul

that I may live

irrepressibly and bravely,

for life is my oyster and my Achilles heel.

© Joyce (Tidwell) Burns, ChynaMoon Creations 1997-2012