Old Souls

 I think of you, and love you



day of my life.


I see your twinkling eyes

and that beautiful, crooked smile.

I remember the richness of your voice

and am comforted by your words, still;

their depth and their mystery

always prevalent in my heart and soul.


I think on you this day with joy

and drink in all the colors and warmth

of the things you have been

and things you have taught me in life’s journey,

things now entrusted to my inadequacies;

knowing how much I would need these things

when you were gone.


I will love you forever

and keep your spirit fresh in me



We have been two sides of a coin,

peas in a pod,

forged together in fire

and tempered by life.

We are apart now, but never

s e p a r a t e d.


One day

my key will unlock

your dimension

and I will



                                                                      Joyce Burns, January 2011