Just Shoes

Ballerina slippers and military boots,
discarded baby booties
from early days,
steel toes, mules and high heels
some destined for salvage stores
and others worn by millions
who died in the agony of war,
displayed in museums
so we donít forget history
or them.

Shoes, once full of life,
left in a heap, by unsuspecting humans
with little or no thought for tomorrow.
who think their journey
will never end.

Mud from the picnic in the country;
cotton candy and gum
from the amusement park
making for sticky bottoms.
Running shoes,
cleats, driving shoes, golf shoes
and those for the garden;
favorite sneakers
that her toes curled in when she got her first kiss
from that
summer boy,
under a gigantic moon.

that  take on our print,
tell our story and leave shapes
on our soles and souls.
Some neatly polished,
others, ragged and torn,
summer sandals and winter boots.

Shoes, a part of us, daily
seeing all those things that no one else
is supposed to know,
keeping our secrets and our treasures
until one day,
we simply leave them in a heap
to transition in our shadows.
and perhaps to
new feet.