Irritations - Blame It on the Train

It’s funny how life’s irritations somehow help to make us who we are.

I was contemplating the train that runs

through Cross town in Tupelo.

It blocks virtually every intersection in the city at the same time

and stops everything that had motion, in its tracks.

Results of poor planning, years ago, that has only grown with congestion.

This occurs multiple times, daily; day and night.

For most, this is a constant, grinding irritation,

stopping and backing up

and stopping,

and backing up, and switching.

Traffic lights locked in red. People locked in park.

Forced-to slow down for a moment;

time to people-stop and perhaps think…

Late to work, late to school,

late to home, or maybe buy groceries,

or meet for a rendezvous.

Dozens of scenarios run through temporarily open minds

because of the perceived irritation of this long, long train.

Perhaps this is how an oyster feels as it births a shiny new pearl . . .

Blessings masked as irritations?

Then as suddenly as it appeared, the train resumes its clackity-clack journey

down rusting rails to the unknown.

And as lights turn green, life quietly returns and moves on.

                                                                                                                                                                                           © Joyce Burns, 2010