Fade to Black

The boy met the girl forty years ago
and they fell helplessly,
hopelessly in love.

They danced.
They loved.
They laughed and cried,
and sang old songs
under the full moon’s light;
by the deep blue sea.

And there,
they swore pinky promises
of forever . . .

Through kids and life
and death,
and harsh words
and forgiveness
they stumbled and tumbled
as all of us do,
and time
marched on.

In rain and sunshine, on they traveled;
forever bound
by what he saw in her eyes that day;
when their first kiss
sent fireworks
down his spine
and exploding
into a million tiny, diamond sparkles
that highlighted  the turned up corners of her mouth;
their reflections glowing
in her deep green eyes.

He could drown in that depth
and in the love
of that quiet moment.

But today,
her tired eyes closed.
She smiled at him and tried to stay,
but she soon slipped away to another place.

And the boy,
simply disappeared
as he felt the weight of eternity
wrap around his heart like a chain,
as it split into pieces
and he
tumbled into nothing-ness.