Don’t  Tread  On  Me

Sabers rattle, drummers drum,

as something  wicked our way comes. 

Turn out the lights boys, close the door.

This is the one you’ve waited for.


This time they come to steal our souls,

our homes, our lives our baby boys.

To kill our brothers  in the streets.

False eyes to Allah must concede.


This time the signs are in the skies,

so choose the lines of truth and right.

No longer will we bend at knees,

but remember our fathers' “Don’t tread on me”.


We will not flinch. We’ll forge as steel.

Death to enemies of good and will. 

We’ll stay the course and tow death’s tines.

God help the ones, who cross the line.


We’ll die for what we know is true,

Seeking FREEDOM in all we do.

God bless this fight and see us through.

America forever … red, white and blue!