Those Dirty Little Secrets


Secrets alone, in the dark of the night,

trying to convince yourself its alright.


Glimpses of you that you donít want to see,

still in denial, Ďthat just canít be meí.


Itís something thatís deep inside of us all.

Some can work through it but others will fall.


Things we have hidden so deep in our souls

no one wants to admit, they have holes, inside holes.


Dark secrets cause lies. And lies, they cause pain,

spinning out of control just a pawn in a game.


So hear this quick lesson and take it to heart

donít keep those big secrets, alone in your dark.


For soon theyíll unravel and eat up your mind,

so go tell the truth girl itís way past your time.


                                                                                Joyce Burns                                                                                      December 2010