Amanda Revisited

I watch
as days
slowly drain
from her life,
the beautiful girl
in a living tomb,
falsely imprisoned
for others’ actions.

The truth spoken,
then pushed into a far corner
and under a rug
by a circus troop of
impinging media and lawmen;
no one
wanting or caring
 to know it.

The girl is innocent,
yet most hate and persecute her
in the name of justice.
After all,
perpetuated lies
make better gossip
in boring lives,
sell more papers,
stir more hate
and advance some they say
 to lofty careers.
‘Damn foreigners’
you pronounce.

 Release the innocent
or God’s vengeance
will eat what soul
you have left.

 Free Amanda!
Free her now!
                                                                    Joyce Burns