How horrible it must be

to be innocent

in a room full of mass hysteria!



who know not your heart,

but feel obliged to hate you,

judge and persecute you,

in spite of facts;

just as they persecuted Jesus,

crucifying him.


Innocent blood,

always spilled for the sake of insanity

and for the sheep masses false sense

of righteousness.


She sits as a princess in the dark tower,

longing for home,

growing older and jaded

as times passes; a wilting rose

awaiting her deliverance

and the white light of truth,

as a murderer

laughs somewhere

in the pitch black darkness

 of his heart.


Will truth be enough to save her,

where people close their eyes

and their superstitious  minds, and

hearsay rules the kingdom?


Let freedom ring at last and aloud for the innocent.


                                                                        Joyce Burns, January, 2011